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Pediatrician Recommended Natural Sleep Aid for Children

If you are looking for a way to cure childhood insomnia or solve child sleep problems, the Sleep Fairy is a pediatrician-recommended sleep aid, a natural sleep aid for children that uses creative visualization, progressive relaxation and positive affirmations for children.

cure childhood insomnia with this natural sleep aid for childrenThe Sleep Fairy is a magical friend who comes on sparkly wings, with tinkling fairy dust and enchanting stories. She lovingly guides children to a wonderful place called Sweet Dreamland. Along the way she explores with them their own rich imagination.

The Sleep Fairy empowers children to become self-nurturers. In her good humored way the Sleep Fairy invites children to focus on positive thoughts that build self-esteem. (Yep, you may hear giggling.) Shhh, we won't tell them that they're overcoming their fears.

The fact is she's so much fun kids never even suspect
how good for them the Sleep Fairy truly is!

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The Sleep Fairy guided relaxation CD for children will cure childhood insomnia

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